Notes on TViX M6500A

The TViX M6500A is mostly great, there are certain features Dvico should have been more clear about. This is such a list of features.

  1. Setup
  2. Known Bugs
    1. FTP, NFS and SMB transfers limited to 5MB/sec
    2. Text lumination fades in and out
    3. Sluggish menu/UI
  3. Bugs fixed in firmware version ...


TViX M6500A connected via HDMI to Phillips television. Coax connection to stereo amp. The M6500A has a 500GB local disk installed, formatted with NTFS.

Known bugs

It seems is the main resource for TViX news. The admin of has mentioned that Dvico shares firmware and product news with certain website owners long before the same information is made available on the TViX website. post links to beta firmwares and have more elaborate changelogs than the TViX website. It's unfortunate that we have to depend on external parties to provide TViX news.

Heat issues

The TViX requires that a 3.5" form-factor unit be present in the HDD slot for airflow to properly move hot air out of the way. If you leave out a HDD entirely, or go with some SATA-to-CF adaptor, you are probably going to have heat problems.

Newer TViX come with a dummy HDD case.

FTP, NFS and SMB transfers limited to 5MB/sec

The gigabit chip (or some other component) is limited to transferring 5MB/sec. Connecting disks via USB goes way above 100Mbit speeds, so it's unclear what the problem is. Part of the TViX is more than capable of handling high speed transfers but networking is not.

5MB/sec appear to be enough to stream 1080p from NFS, but copying files to the internal hdd takes too long. Use a central fileserver for all your storage needs instead.

Text lumination fades in and out

When browsing files on an internal HDD or via NFS, the lumination of the text fades in and out, even though it's set to full lumination.

Sluggish menu/UI

The UI takes half a second or more to respond in normal usage scenarios. When doing transfers, the UI response time increases to 3-4 seconds or more.

The TViX takes 3-4 seconds to start playing audio files from internal HDD.