Table of contents

$Date: 2009/05/31 23:17:12 $ was shut down on 31th May, 2009, making this document obsolete. While some content has been trimmed, the remaining document remains available for reference purposes and hysterical raisins.

  1. Accessing your e-mail
    1. Overview of the mail service
    2. Reading and responding to e-mail
    3. Dovecot imap in SSH pre-auth tunnel mode
    4. Troubleshooting missing email
    5. Privacy & encryption
    6. Mutt configuration notes
    7. Creating mailing lists
    8. Setting up "out of the office" messages
    9. Help! I'm not getting any mail!
  2. Internet Messaging
    1. Internet Relay Chat
    2. Secure Live Internet Conferencing
    3. AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN & Yahoo
  3. SMTP greylisting and greytrapping
    1. Greylisting
    2. Graytrapping