IBM ThinkPad X40 and OpenBSD-current

I bought this laptop in 2003. It has been running every version of OpenBSD/i386 since 3.2 through 6.4. Essentials:

Additional hardware added:

The only devices not working under OpenBSD are IrDA, the embedded security chip (However, outdated tcpa patches are available) and the winmodem.


tori$ sysctl hw.sensors
hw.sensors.aps0.temp0=38.00 degC
hw.sensors.aps0.temp1=38.00 degC
hw.sensors.aps0.indicator0=On (Keyboard Active)
hw.sensors.aps0.indicator1=Off (Mouse Active)
hw.sensors.aps0.indicator2=On (Lid Open)
hw.sensors.aps0.raw0=462 (X_ACCEL)
hw.sensors.aps0.raw1=516 (Y_ACCEL)
hw.sensors.aps0.raw2=462 (X_VAR)
hw.sensors.aps0.raw3=517 (Y_VAR)

40GB, 4200 rpm IDE disk replaced with 16GB 300X Lexar CompactFlash

Using a random CF-to-IDE adapter from DealExtreme and some fast CF cards from a local supplier, this Thinkpad X40 has become much faster and almost silent. No annoying clicking and rattling when reading and writing data. Fan comes on only during POST and then powers off unless CPU-intensive work is running.

Task4200 RPM IDE diskLexar 300X CF
Boot OpenBSD to xdm(1) prompt1m11s0m54s
Load Firefox0m25s0m6s
Load GIMP 0m45.69s real
0m19.55s user
0m0.48s system
Load Inkscape 0m21.06s real
0m9.39s user
0m0.59s system
Copy 200M file 0m1.67s real
0m0.83s user
0m0.23s system
find /4m33.75s real
0m2.22s user
0m6.33s system
0m35.94s real
0m0.82s user
0m3.07s system
/usr/libexec/locate.updatedb6m0.39s real
0m4.99s user
0m7.81s system
0m31.61s real
0m1.91s user
0m4.21s system
Compile kernel
Compile userland
pkg_info0m5.30s real
0m0.42s user
0m0.10s system
0m0.35s real
0m0.15s user
0m0.02s system


Additional storage added

The PCMCIA slot has been loaded with a PCMCIA-to-CF adapter containing another 16GB Lexar card. The OpenBSD root partition (and others) live on the first CF card and /home (and various other data partitions) live on the second CF card. During an OS upgrade, my /home is easily kept safe just by ejecting the card.

The SD slot contains a very slow 2GB card.